Auto Repair Shop | 4 Probable Reasons Why Your Car Engine Makes A Ticking Sound

Hearing a ticking sound from your car engine is not just irritating, but it could potentially be a sign of a larger problem with your engine. This guide is designed to help you understand why your car engine makes a ticking sound. You will need to take your car to an auto repair shop if you notice any of these ticking sound problems.

Problem With The Hydraulic Valve Lifter

Every valve of your engine has a hydraulic lifter, which is attached to the top of each of them for lifting the valves. If the engine oil level is low, then there isn't enough lubrication to lift these valves smoothly. This may cause the lifters to loosen, which will lead to a ticking sound in your engine. In this instance, an auto repair shop will need to adjust the valve and refill the engine oil to stop the ticking sound.

Low Engine Oil Levels

If the engine oil level is low, then you will likely hear a ticking sound. You can rectify this problem by refilling the oil in your car's engine. You will also need to inspect whether there is any leakage causing the oil levels to fall. In some instances, sludge can build up in the oil reservoir over time, which prevents the engine oil from properly circulating to different components. This can be difficult to do clean on your own, so it's best to get a professional auto repair shop to check the oil viscosity and clean sludge.

Exhaust Leak

An exhaust leak can cause a ticking sound in your engine. You will have to check for holes at the union or joints of the exhaust system because they will cause your engine to make a ticking sound. An exhaust leak can occur because of a gasket failure around a cylinder's exhaust output. An exhaust leak is very dangerous and needs to be addressed immediately by a professional auto repair shop.

Filter Problem

An oil filter will cause your engine to make a ticking sound if the spring pressure is not right. Over time, the oil filter can start to get damaged. This will cause it to have a lower flow rate, which will eventually lead to insufficient engine oil pressure. A professional auto repair shop will be able to diagnose and fix a problem with the filter, so be sure to head there when your engine starts making ticking sounds.

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