Car Service Centres | 4 Probable Causes Related To Your Car's Manual Transmission Problem

A problem with your car's manual transmission system is both a safety concern and a hindrance when you drive. If you notice any of these probable causes related to your manual transmission, then specialised car service centres should be able to tackle your problem professionally and efficiently.

Leakage In Transmission Fluid Or Wrong Fluid Used

The biggest causes of manual transmission problems is leaking fluid or poor quality transmission fluid. Transmission fluid leaks will lead to low fluid levels. This will cause friction and scratching noises when you change gears. Using low quality or incorrect transmission fluid will cause gear clash problems. This may also result in grinding noises when you attempt to change gears. Transmission fluid also gets burnt because of overheating and may need changing. If you're not comfortable replacing transmission fluid on your own, then professional car service centres will undertake this task for you.

Transmission Slip Caused By Worn Out Transmission Clutch

Manual transmission problems could also be caused by worn out or damaged transmission parts. The clutch is an integral part of the manual transmission system.  A worn out clutch will result in a faulty transmission. Apart from a timeworn clutch, worn out parts like shift forks, transmission bands, and shift rails can result in transmission slipping.

Loose Transmission Mounts Cause Your Car To Jump Gears

Transmission mounts are made of from solid rubber cushioning elements, which are bonded onto steel backing plates. Over prolonged use and continuous driving, these transmission mounts will start to wear out and will eventually give way if left unchecked. A loose or bad transmission mount can affect the clutch and gearshift linkage, which will cause your car to jump gears. This problem is best tackled by professional car service centres, who specialise in dealing with manual transmission problems.

Worn Out Gears

Worn out gears will cause a lot a significant amount of noise between every change. If you find that shifting between gears is harder than it used to be, then it could either be because of low transmission fluid or because the clutch linkage is damaged. This will cause your gears to wear out over time. The problem of noisy gears may also occur if the gear teeth are chipped or broken. You will need to get your gearbox replaced by a professional to tackle this problem.

Manual transmission problems can sometimes be expensive to fix, so it's best to tackle the issue at specialised car service centres the minute you notice something going wrong with it.

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