Important tips to help you steer clear of extra truck rental charges

You are most likely to incur extra charges save for returning your hired truck at the appointed time, intact, clean and with a full gas tank. To steer clear of these additional charges, bear in mind these 4 moving tips when you're about to return your hired truck.  

Clean the truck thoroughly

Make sure you return the rental truck as clean as possible. Get rid of paper cups, empty cans, bottles and wrappers. Use a broom to sweep out the rear section of the truck. If there are any left-over spills and stains, use a suitable cleaning solution to get rid of the stain. If you have a busy schedule, hire the services of an auto cleaning professional to help you out.

Return the rental truck at the appointed time

When hiring a truck rental, the terms and conditions of the agreement always stipulate when you should return the truck. Failure to do so attracts late charges and penalties. The main reason or renting a truck is to save on moving costs, therefore don't lose your savings by postponing when it comes to taking it back to the rental company. Upon dropping off the truck, have the dealer sign off on the rental truck. The exact time you returned the truck should be noted on the paperwork to avoid being charged any late charges.

Confirm the mileage beforehand

Again, this is a primary moving tip, however it's often overlooked. Prior to returning the truck, record the present mileage and deduct the miles that were previously on the counter prior to you sitting behind the wheel. Then, compare your total miles covered against the recommended mileage that's incorporated in the rental fee. If you surpass it, be prepared to pay extra charges.

Gas it up

One of the aspects rental truck companies don't tell you when they advertise their cheap rental rates is the gas you will have to pay for. You have to return the rental truck with a similar amount of gas that was previously in the gas tank when you first picked it up. Failure to do so attracts gas charges. Since filling up the gas tank of a rental truck doesn't come cheap, make sure to include that expense in your budget when considering renting a truck.

Simply because truck rental providers will hit you with extra charges does not mean you can't successfully avoid them. Follow the above-mentioned tips and have a stress-free truck rental experience.

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