Car Servicing | 4 Actionable Steps To Ensure Your Car Engine Stays Clean

Your car is most likely your lifeline when it comes to dropping your kids off at school or taking a relaxing road trip on weekends after a hectic workweek. But like every other machine, you need to undertake regular car servicing to prolong the shelf life of your engine. You also need to keep the engine clean to ensure that dirt and debris don't compromise it. Failure to do so will lead to a premature car breakdown, which could greatly inconvenience you. This guide will equip you with actionable steps to ensure your car engine stays clean.

Prepare Your Engine For The Cleaning Task

Before you begin cleaning your car engine, you need to park your vehicle in a suitable location. Make sure your car is firmly grounded and take particular care to check that the water will drain out easily from the space. Cover all electrical components like exposed wiring, sensors, spark plugs and air intake outlets with aluminium foil and plastic tape. This is vital to prevent water from entering and damaging these components.

Brush Your Engine To Remove Loose Debris

Once you have prepared your engine for cleaning, begin by brushing your engine to remove any loose debris with a soft-bristled brush. Make sure you also brush the battery trays and cables. Once you are happy with your debris removal task, use a wire brush to remove rust and corrosion on the engine. Removing rust and corrosion may be slightly complicated, so if you're uncomfortable doing the task on your own, then you can get the job done at a professional car servicing company.

Remove Engine Grease

To remove the grease from your engine you will need to apply a degreaser. This is usually available at most auto stores. You may want to avoid petroleum-based degreaser products because they can damage the engine's rubber. In some instances, you may simply need dishwashing liquid to remove engine grease, depending on how much has spilled onto it. If you're using degreaser or liquid detergent, let the solution sit for some time on the engine because it needs to cut through the grease. You can then use a cleaning brush to scrub the grease away. Remember to pay close attention to battery cables because they are prone to dirt and corrosion.

Rinse And Dry Your Engine

After you remove the grease, you need to rinse the engine with clean water to remove all the soap scum from the engine surface. Let the engine dry on its own. Make sure it is completely dry before you turn it back on.

While these engine cleaning steps sound simple, they need to be undertaken properly to avoid expensive car damage. Getting a professional car servicing company will ensure that the task is completed as efficiently as possible.

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