How to avoid not getting the car roadworthy certificate

Getting your car roadworthy certificate can be a complicated process with many revisits if you don't get your car approved at the first appointment. To avoid this, you should make sure to examine your car yourself before going to the appointment and have all flaws repaired beforehand. This will save you time, and also decrease the risk that you'll be unable to use your car for the time it takes to repair what's faulty on the car and then get it approved. In order to do this, you should know what things on your car are the most important that they are in order. 


Your car's lighting is something that is easy to forget about, as you might not use or see the particular light that is faulty and therefore you might not even be aware of the flaw. All lights must be functioning on your car in order for it to get a roadworthy certificate. Have someone help you by standing outside of your car while you turn them off and on. Step on the breaks and have the other person tell you when they ignite, as this is a common malfunction to be unaware of. Don't forget to check that the lights illuminating your registration plate are also lit, as these are so small and easy to forget about.


The people examining your car to make sure it's roadworthy tend to focus a lot on the tyres, as these are absolutely essential in order for your car to be able to drive in a safe manner. To prevent failing the examination, you should check your tyres for wear and breakage. If your tyres are cracked, this will lead you to not have your car approved. You also need to check the tread of your tyres. Measure its depth; if it's less than 1.5 mm, you need to change your tyres before trying to get the car roadworthy certificate.


Another thing that tends to cause cars to not get the roadworthy certificate is that the fluids aren't in order. You won't fail just because you have too low levels of, for example, coolant, but if the levels are too low, this might indicate a leak and leaks will cause your car to not pass the examination. Fill all fluids to the appropriate levels some time before the appointment and keep an eye on the levels. If they sink visibly during that time, it's very possible that you have a leak that needs to be fixed in order for your car to get the roadworthy certificate.

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