Auto Transmission: Three Refurbishment Options to Consider

The transmission system is a critical element in your vehicle, and its failure will result in the complete breakdown of the automobile. This component is responsible for regulating the power from the engine and applying the energy to the wheels to facilitate movement. Typically, the transmission module is built to provide prolonged service life after installation in new vehicles. Unfortunately, damage can occur through eventual wear and tear, negligence with regard to maintenance and even accidental impact. If this occurs, you will need to engage an auto transmission technician for refurbishment of your vehicle. Here are the primary restoration options that you can choose for your vehicle's transmission.

Transmission Repair

If your transmission system has localised damage, you should request for simple repair. In simple terms, if the source of transmission problems is a specific damaged component, the technician can repair it without taking apart the entire module. For example, after an accident, the transmission shafts might break or seals holding the fluid can be compromised. In such a case, these parts can be fixed or replaced to keep the system working. This type of restoration process is cheap and takes a short time, so it is the best option. However, it is not a viable option if the source of the problem is unidentified or your transmission has failed due to old age.

Component Rebuilding

Rebuilding the transmission system is an ideal restoration choice when the source of the problems in the component is unknown. You should elect this option for your vehicle if the failure was unexpected or the transmission is old. This process is more expensive than the repair option because the inspection and fixing process is more intense. Generally, the technician will take apart the transmission module and inspect the individual components. This process is important in identifying worn, broken and distorted parts. The faulty parts are replaced or repaired and new deals and gaskets are acquired for better performance. When the transmission is reassembled according to the original settings, your vehicle should function as expected.


When the transmission is damaged extensively, the only option that you will have is replacement of the component. You should consider this refurbishment if the failure is recurring or the source of the problem cannot be identified. It is critical to note that you cannot purchase a new transmission because those are manufactured only for new vehicles. The replacement transmissions in the market are remanufactured. Basically, these are used transmissions that are rebuilt in a factory to restore original-level performance.

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