Smart Fuel Efficiency: 2 Ideas

You can reduce your vehicle's fuel consumption in a number of ways. These include reducing your average driving speed, maintaining adequately-inflated tyres and ensuring that the vehicle is never over-loaded.

However, the mentioned strategies might not yield the kind of fuel efficiency that you may be looking for. This article discusses two upgrades that you might want to consider in the search for a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

The Integrated Starter Generator

You could achieve better fuel efficiency by replacing the starter and the alternator in your engine with an integrated starter generator. This type of generator makes it possible to stop the engine automatically when the vehicle is not in motion, but the engine is running. A good example of such a scenario is when you're stuck in traffic.

An integrated starter generator monitors the load on your gas pedal. If there's no load (when you're not stepping on the pedal) yet the engine is running, the generator will switch off the engine automatically. When you step on the gas pedal, the generator restarts the engine automatically in a few seconds.

You're likely to be stuck in traffic (and to stop at traffic signs) several times a day for several minutes each time. An automatic start/stop system ensures that you lose the least possible amount of fuel every time you stop.

The Air-Conditioned Seat

The air conditioner in your vehicle uses a significant amount of energy. This explains why you're likely to have a drained battery if you accidentally leave the AC on. Vehicle air conditioning units consume a lot of energy because they cool down the interior of the vehicle in its entirety.

You can still enjoy the benefits of air conditioning in your vehicle without necessarily cooling the entire cabin. Replacing the air conditioning unit with air-conditioned seats is perhaps the best way to do this.

An air-conditioned seat has small fans incorporated into its structure. The fans are fitted into the backrest of the seat or they're fitted below the seat's cushion. Fans make it possible for the 'seat' to pull a stream of cool air into its structure. The cool air is supplied to all corners of the seat through a network of plastic ducts so that you get a more personalized air conditioning experience.

An air conditioned seat is likely to use less energy than the traditional car air conditioner. This eases the strain on your engine as it tries to sustain normal vehicle operations. A less-strained engine is a fuel efficient engine.

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