Car Mechanic | 4 Symptoms Of Low Power Steering Fluid

Your power steering makes it easier to control your car while driving. But if the power steering fluid levels are low, then the task of navigating your car becomes more difficult. This guide shows you some symptoms to help you diagnose whether your car has low power steering fluid levels. If you notice any of them, visit a car mechanic immediately to refill power steering fluid for normal car operation.

Strange Sounds

One of the most telltale symptoms of low power steering fluid levels is when your steering wheel starts making strange sounds during navigation. These sounds are caused because of a drop in pressure when the fluid levels are low. You will either hear a squealing sound at the turns or a whining sound from the front of your vehicle. Power steering fluid levels can either fall because you have not refilled it for a while or because of a leak in the pump. A car repairs mechanic will need to check the reservoir to eliminate the possibility of a leak before refilling power steering fluid.

Steering Wheel Vibrates

A vibrating steering wheel also indicates low levels of power steering fluid. This vibration normally occurs when the power steering is not in use and the car is idling. These vibrations typically indicate that the fluid levels are low or that the power steering belt is broken. Your car mechanic will need to assess the exact problem before applying a suitable fix.

Steering Wheel Is Hard To Operate

Power steering is meant to make it easier to operate the wheel. A hard-to-operate steering wheel is a sure sign of low power steering fluid levels. When power steering fluid levels are low, the pressure created during wheel turning is low and causes friction between the steering wheel stick and the steering wheel box. This can make it extremely hard to operate your steering wheel. Apart from low fluid levels, loose pump belts or bad power steering pumps cause hard-to-operate steering wheels.

Steering Fluid Puddles Under The Car's Engine

An obvious sign of low power steering fluid levels is when you notice signs of leaking fluid puddles under the engine. The power steering fluid reservoir is located near the engine and any fluid leaks display a slightly yellowish or reddish colour. Ignoring this problem for too long will result in major damage later, so get a car mechanic to rectify the leak as soon as you notice these puddles under the engine.

Power steering failure will make it almost impossible for you to drive easily. Get a qualified car mechanic to check your vehicle and refill power steering fluid as soon as possible.

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