The Three Essential Car Servicing Guidelines

Most people are very conscious about servicing and maintaining their car when it is new. However, as it ages, they get used to operating the vehicle without proper maintenance. This is the time when most cars start developing the problems which later make them unworthy for the road. The best way to ensure your vehicle serves you for a long time is to provide quality and consistent car servicing and maintenance. Here are the three crucial elements of car servicing to always remember.

Changing the Car's Oil and Filter

The standard car engine has movable parts. These parts rub against each other during regular engine motion, which would generally result in the production of heat and friction. The presence of oil reduces friction and also absorbs the heat. Oil is, therefore, the easiest way to prevent parts of the engine from wearing out, and also keep the engine from overheating. As your vehicle racks up the miles, the oil will break down and start wearing out. Automotive mechanics recommend that you should change the car engine oil after every 5,000 kilometres on the road. However, if you live in a hot and dusty area, you should try changing the oil more often. If you aren't sure how to make a clean oil change, get a competent mechanic to do it for you.

Cleaning the Air Filter

The engine needs air for combustion to happen and for the car to move. The efficiency of your engine depends on how clean the air which gets to the engine is. New air filters are very effective in purifying the air and ensuring that only clean air gets to the engine. However, as your vehicle experiences dustiness, the filter becomes greasy, dusty, and full of grime. Ideally, you should replace the air filter every 25,000 kilometres, as recommended by automotive maintenance experts. However, if you live in dusty places, you can clean and replace the filters after shorter distances.

Checking the Rotation of the Tyres

This is the third most crucial car maintenance tip. Rotation is done to ensure that the surface of the tyres wears out evenly over time. Auto mechanics recommend rotation every four to six months or every 10,000 kilometres. When you rotate your car tyres, you lengthen the time when it stays stable on the road and the life of your tires.

The best car maintenance advice you can follow is always to ensure that you allow an auto mechanic to handle the maintenance and repair. When an expert always services your car, it serves you longer with fewer problems. 

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