Car Looking the Worse for Wear? How a Panel Beater Can Save Your Day

Did you know that a panel beater must typically study for a few years to learn their craft? After that, they will learn a lot more by working with an experienced technician so that they pick up the secret techniques, tricks of the trade and special approaches that make them so highly skilled. As you can see, these individuals are some of the most gifted repair specialists in the industry, and this is a good thing, because your car has recently been damaged. How can these experts work their magic and get you back on the road as soon as possible?

Embracing the Challenge

While steel panels used to be everything to a panel beater, this is far from the case today. A variety of different materials may be used to build a lightweight, conforming vehicle of the modern era. The modern-day panel beater must, therefore, know how to work with these different materials if they are going to complete their work. The good news is that different techniques, tools and implements have been devised to make this a reality as well.

Stage I

Typically, a panel beater must stretch or shrink the affected panels first so that they are returned to their original dimensions. This will require a good degree of hammering and the application of heat before anything else can be done.

Stage 2

Then, the real skill comes into the equation as the technician uses a process known as planishing to achieve the original look and to develop the proper contours for each panel. They will push and pull very precisely using hammers and dollies, each designed in a certain way to conform to the specific contours of the piece. Without a doubt, this is the most time-consuming part of the operation, but once it is complete, they will move onto the next step.

Stage 3

Of course, a panel beater can never achieve the original shape and level of finish by using this approach alone. They will now need to use putty and filler to cover any imperfections or fill in any holes that may remain. Once the putty has hardened in place, they will then sand the surface down using a variety of different pads, and this will finish off the job rather nicely.

Even though some of the panels on your car may need to be replaced if they are damaged beyond repair, a panel beater can still help you. Book your car or truck in as soon as possible to get the work underway. Call companies like Dandy Smash Repairs for more information.

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