Why Is Car Servicing a Good Idea?

Some people will be content to continue driving around without performing even the most rudimentary of car maintenance on their vehicle, such as keeping their tyres properly inflated, for instance. This can be a false economy in many ways.

Firstly, not servicing your car could mean that you end up driving illegally which could lead to a fine being imposed on you. There again, you might end up crashing because of a fault with your braking system and that could mean a significant financial outlay or, even worse, injuring someone. Alternatively, you could end up with a minor fault going unnoticed which would have been picked up during a car service that ends up costing more to put right.

Why else is having your car serviced professionally a good idea? Read on to find out.

Maintain Value

When you have a log book that details every car service your vehicle has benefited from, it will mean that you can ask for a higher sales price at the point you come to sell it. Simply put, would-be buyers will favour cars that have been serviced at least once a year over ones that have not even if they appear to be in similar condition to one another. In this sense, car servicing should be seen as an investment.

Drive With Valid Insurance

Although most car insurers in Australia do not require you to have a professional service conducted by an accredited mechanic every year, driving an unroadworthy car will invalidate your insurance. Consequently, without a thorough inspection of all of the key systems that a vehicle uses, which is what a car service essentially is, you won't know whether you are driving with valid insurance or not. Why take the risk?

Greater Fuel Efficiency

Minor issues with cars, such as misaligned wheels, under-inflated tyres, and clogged-up air intake systems, can lead to more friction on the road for every mile you drive. All of these seemingly small problems add up and will inevitably cause your fuel economy to drop. Therefore, if you want to achieve a higher mileage rate between stops for refueling, it is highly advisable that you take the time for a car service at least once a year and preferably every six months or so. After all, not doing so will mean spending more on fuel than you otherwise would need to, let alone all of the additional carbon you will be releasing unnecessarily into the atmosphere.

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