Some Basic Car Maintenance Tasks and Why They Are So Important

Having a car makes your travel convenient and comfortable, but buying insurance and putting fuel in the car aren't the only costs you'll incur to keep the vehicle on the road. Like other machines, cars require regular maintenance to keep working reliably and efficiently. Neglecting maintenance on your vehicle is a sure-fire way to invite problems that may result in a breakdown, leaving you stranded half-way through your journey. 

Mechanics offer a variety of car maintenance services that are designed to maximise the performance, safety, and lifespan of your vehicle. Here are some common car maintenance tasks that you should get done at your local car service centre and why they're important.

Engine Oil Change

The oil that flows in your engine serves a variety of purposes. It lubricates, cools, and cleans the engine, allowing it to run smoothly and efficiently. Over time, however, it becomes dirty and its performance-enhancing additives get depleted. When this happens, your engine will start to wear out inside.

Changing your engine oil regularly as per the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations is crucial to maintaining the health, performance, and durability of the engine. This helps prevent potentially expensive engine repairs or replacements.

Engine Oil Filter Change

As your engine runs, some of its internal parts suffer normal wear and tear, resulting in a buildup of contaminants within the engine. The engine oil filter helps remove these contaminants from the engine oil so that the oil can perform its job effectively.

When you're changing your engine oil, it's important to get the oil filter checked, too. If it's clogged with dirt, it is best to get it replaced together with the dirty oil. Otherwise, your engine could suffer serious damage due to increased wear of parts.

Transmission Fluid Flush 

Vehicle transmissions require transmission fluid to operate smoothly and efficiently. Because transmission fluid wears out over time, it will need to be completely removed from your car and the entire transmission cleaned before fresh fluid can be added. This helps eliminate contaminants that build up over time while keeping the transmission in top operating condition.

Brake Inspection

The brakes in your car are an important safety component, as they allow you to slow down or halt the vehicle while driving. Y braking system may develop problems over time since you frequently use them. Regular brake inspections should be performed on your car to ensure you always have braking ability on the road.

For more details on car maintenance services, get in touch with a local car service. 

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